Tonight my mom passed from terminal cancer. She was 89 years young. My sister was her caretaker, and was with her when she left us, but really her spirit had gone a week ago. As hard as it is to say goodbye, her quality of life in the last month was dwindling and I honestly feel she only kept going so she didn't die on my sister's birthday (end of June) or the birthdays of her two grandsons (yesterday and the day before). Fly with the angels Mom. Hug Big Dad and Aeden for me. Love you forever.

Taken from Spikesgirl

I'm asking folks to post a picture(s) on your page of something that warms your heart and makes you smile. It might be friends, family, pets or something else. A picture(s) that YOU took. Just a pic. No description. The goal is to regain peace and harmony without negativity. Please copy the text, put a picture(s) on YOUR page, and let's look at these beautiful pictures.


I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your dear doggie Piglet.  Please accept my condolences and know my heart is hurting for you.  RIP Piglet!  See you at the Rainbow Bridge!

What's in a title? From Sparky

Something to Wear – Long cool worman in a black dress
Something to Drink – Summer Wine
A Food – Popsicles, Icesicles
An Animal –Waltzing with Bears
A Colour – Paint it Black
A Girl’s Name – Molly Malone
A Boy’s Name – Danny Boy
A Profession – Irish Rover
Home – Sweet Home Alabama
Flowers – Red Roses for a Blue Lady
Day of the Week – Whisky on a Sunday
Vehicle – Hey Little Cobra

The ABC's of you


Age: 66
Bed size: Queen
Cat names: I haven't named the feral cats
Dog name: no doggies any more
Eye color: blue-grey
Favourite color: denim or black...
Ghosts exist: Let's say I'm a skeptic
Height: 5'8”
Instrument you play(ed): none, but not for want of trying!
Jealous type: No
Kids: One son
Longest relationship: Married to my hubby for 36 years now..
Mood currently: I'm usually in a decent mood. 
Night owl: Definitely
Overnight hospital: Yes
Pet peeves: The current political climate
Right or left handed: Right, but I can do some things with the left if need be
Siblings: One of each, both younger
Top two TV shows you watch: Ghost Nation and Maine Cabin Masters
Vacation plans?: Trip up to our trailer in July I hope...
Who will play along?: No idea. you can never tell these days.
XBox or PS4: I never heard of them.
Yummy foods you like: Steak, potatoes any way they come, salads of just about any combination
Zoo Favorites: Bears.... always the bears especially when the zoo is one focused on preservation of the species.  Otherwise I don't go to them.